carsales Dealer Insights Newsletter - January 2019

Discover the best insights from the Portal.;

VFACTS: New car sales fall slightly in 2018

Ford beats Holden for the first time in two decades, sales in almost every passenger car segment dropped in 2018, as ubiquitous SUVs boomed.;

4 ways to improve efficiency and profitability with a mobile car appraiser

Discover how to optimise your trade-ins and appraisals through a measurable mobile process that runs via tablet and app.;

carsales marketing: Driving traffic to your stock over summer

Get a sneak peek at carsales' summer marketing initiatives - strategic investment designed to drive more traffic to dealer stock listings. ;

Auto Market Watch: Edition 13 Now Available

carsales Car of the Year, Secrets to retargeting, Comprehensive VFACTS analysis, Stock Pricing analysis and more!;

Now Available: Location and branding on New Car Listings

The new car buying experience just became even more seamless for consumers browsing Australia’s number 1 for cars; carsales.;