Coming Soon: AutoGate Inventory Distribution Service to Facebook Marketplace

Soon, AutoGate will empower dealers to publish Inventory to Facebook Marketplace for dealerships subscribed to our Inventory Distribution Service.;

VFACTS October: SUVs sizzle once again

SUVs continued to climb in October, despite the overall vehicle market in Australia declining over the month.;

Profitable pricing and stocking decisions made easier

Dealer-friendly tool LiveMarket empowers staff to price, appraise and buy stock smarter for quicker and more profitable sales.;

Automate Promote purchasing to save time and spend within budget

Introducing Promote Automation: Get the best results from your Promote investment.;

Get ahead with Auto Market Watch: Edition 12 Now Available!

New/Near new enquiry analysis, Profitable Pricing and Stocking decisions made easier, Contextual Advertising renaissance and more.;

400km of EV range in just 15 minutes of charge time?

Australian start-up Chargefox has successfully raised $15 million to establish a network of fast-chargers around the country.;