Record sessions for carsales in July

carsales outperforms auto category: Unique Audience - 4.84m up 35% on July 2019. Sessions - 34.7m up 40% on July 2019.;

Nurture prospects and optimise processes with AutoGate

Dealers can still use AutoGate to nurture prospects and their sales pipelines, even when their showroom doors are closed.;

Auto Pulse: Consumers indicate increased willingness to buy

Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Mitsubishi, Ford, MG and Haval, generated more views on new inventor in July.;

What do new drivers want in their cars?

Surprising survey results indicate new drivers are very pragmatic when they purchase a car.  ;

VFACTS July: Market resilience on display

SUVs accounted for over 50% of sales in July as the Toyota RAV4 ascended to the top of the sales chart.;

NEW: Download Auto Market Watch - Edition 19

Gladiator off to flying start, SUV onslaught, Australia’s most wanted cars – download Edition 19 of carsales Auto Market Watch.;