The carsales Car of the Year 2016 winner is ….

Excellence, innovation, class-leading safety, performance and value – which car won the judges' hearts?

With hundreds of makes and models of cars available in Australia, it’s no mean feat that the Mazda CX-9 has been crowned the 2016 Car of the Year, making it the first SUV to win the prestigious title.

Testing hundreds of cars each year, the award recognises motoring excellence outright and across 13 lifestyle-based categories.

“Mazda-CX-9 – the company’s all new seven-seater – is the first vehicle of its type to win Car of the Year,” said Editor in Chief Mike Sinclair.

“SUVs are quickly becoming the vehicle of choice for Australian families but some of the genre demand real compromises in terms of handling, safety and performance. The CX-9 is the antithesis of this atmosphere of compromise – it is not only an important new vehicle, it is an outstanding one…

“As a true 21st century Aussie family vehicle, the CX-9 is a deserved winner of our top award for 2016,” Sinclair stated.


More eyes on category winners

The au Car of the Year awards also include category winners across commonly searched vehicle lifestyle segments, all which align with search options on the website.

With press releases, a special appearance on Channel 9’s The Today Show by motoring’s Editor in Chief Mike Sinclair  and other promotional initiatives such as radio activity and YouTube pre-roll, dealers may experience increased buyer interest for category winners over the coming weeks.

In addition, look out for OEMs to showcase the carsales COTY award logos across websites, social media channels, transit placements, television advertisements and other creative avenues!

Category winners included Audi’s all-new A4 luxury sedan and Ford’s hottest new affordable sports hatch, the all-wheel drive Focus RS. Audi and Ford vehicles took out three category wins each.

Other highlights are:


Leveraging awards for greater leads and sales

High profile awards such as carsales car of the year and motoring Recommends, provide buyers with informative and trustworthy information. This information influences consumers in their buying journey and helps reduce the time and effort required to research a vehicle.

So let customers in your PMA know that your stock is critically acclaimed! Cost and time-effective initiatives such as reengaging with owners of previous-gen models via email, a new website banner highlighting your win or some savvy social media posting, can pay dividends. Plus with the expected rise in search traffic for category winners, maximising the power of Listing Depth can help ensure that more buyer eyes are on your award-winning stock.

Check out more quick, easy and cost-effective tips to leveraging awards here.

If you or your marketing lead would like a free carsales COTY 2016 media kit for promotional purposes, contact your Performance Manager.