Beyond state lines: Borderless car buyers

Did you know that 1 in 6 buyer enquiries on carsales is placed on an interstate car? Understand where enquiries are being sent with our interactive analysis.

It’s no secret that buyers are more discerning than ever before, and it seems that they’re prepared to go to further lengths to purchase the one.

One of the effects of digitising and mobilising much of the search process is that buyers are now more willing and comfortable to make enquires on interstate stock – whether it’s a special effort for the perfect car or a saving that’s just too good to pass up.

This evolution in buyer behaviour and blurring of market areas opens up significant opportunities and has implications for the way dealers best advertise and list their stock.

Did you know?

Dive into our interactive state-by-state analysis

Use the drop-down menus to switch between states and price bands and discover what % of buyer enquiries are heading beyond state lines:



5 quick tips to maximise interstate enquiries and conversion

1) Quality photos and comments

Photos are extra critical for interstate buyers. Attaching professional high-res photos and videos make a more confident and informed purchase decision from desktop or mobile device. Then align your photos with comments that highlight your services that facilitate an interstate purchase, such as local trade-in valuations and Australia- wide delivery.

2) Highlight CPO stock

Buyers that understand the benefits of Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) stock items have a higher perception of dealers that offer these vehicles for sale and may be more comfortable in purchasing sight unseen. Applicable CPO stock can be quickly activated in AutoGate – contact your Performance Manager for more information.

3) Attach an Inspection report

With an inspection report, interstate buyers can make an informed decision to purchase a stock item safe in the knowledge that a detailed inspection has been undertaken by specialist mechanics.

4) Add a History report

Vehicle history reports tick the boxes that buyers are look for including a written off check, stolen check, warranty check, odometer check and more.

With a comprehensive history report, buyers can more confidently buy a car sight unseen.

5) Warranty

Stock advertised with a warranty can appear as a more trustworthy and easier purchase proposition, as buyers can feel peace of mind knowing they are protected from mechanical breakdown. Adding a warranty to your stock items also has reputational benefits by communicating your confidence in the quality and reliability of your offerings, which is critical to interstate buyer conversion.

This article originally appeared in Edition 7 of Auto Market Watch. For more unique analysis and actionable insights, check it out below:

Source: carsales whitepaper, The Rise of CPO, February 2017.