Now Available: AutoGate Mobile App

Efficiently manage prospects and close a deal – anytime and anywhere.

Introducing the new AutoGate Mobile App, now available for iOS and Android devices.

The new AutoGate Mobile App delivers the system’s leading prospect management capabilities directly to your smartphone and tablet, enabling you to keep better informed and in control of the latest prospects and communication, and empowering you to close a deal - anytime and anywhere.


iOS   |   Android


Discover how the AutoGate Mobile App can help you close a deal on the go with these 5 features:

1.       Real-time notifications

Stay better informed and in control of new prospects, changes to existing prospects, new messages and more, with instant notifications.

2.       View all prospects – New, Contacted and Commitment

AutoGate prospects are automatically categorised in New, Contacted and Commitment, enabling you to understand where the prospect is on their purchase journey.

3.       View enquiry information – Call, SMS, Email and Inbox

Listen to the prospect’s enquiry phone call (CallConnect) or view their sent SMS (SMSConnect) or email form, and quickly ascertain their needs.

4.       Contact the prospect

Call, SMS or email the prospect directly from the app - with no delay.

5.       Add appointment or test drive

Create a customer appointment with an explanatory note that automatically appears in your To do list.



iOS   |   Android