Introducing the improved LiveMarket: Enhanced user interface and powerful new capabilities

New filtering capabilities, improved user experience and streamlined appraisals including VIN and Reg lookup functionality.

Introducing the improved LiveMarket featuring an enhanced user interface and powerful new capabilities that help you work with greater speed and accuracy.


Here are just three of the enhancements now available to you:

1. New filtering capabilities

Powerful new filtering capabilities are now consolidated into one central and easy-to-use menu. Quickly filter data by region or radius, toggle between pricing formats and analyse the data with one click. Filters also remain set for your entire LiveMarket session, saving you time and effort.

2. Inventory details redesign

Make an informed decision quickly and effectively with an enhanced layout of the Inventory details page - requiring fewer clicks and less scrolling. Key actionable insights such as Kilometre Adjust Pricing (KMAP), Days Supply, Delisted and Average Time to Sell are available at a glance. In addition, the Market module neatly contains more detailed Competitive Set data, Market Analysis, RedBook Pricing and more data.

3. New appraisal functionality

Streamline the appraisal process with new instant VIN and Reg vehicle lookup, helping you match to the right vehicle more accurately.

Once you’ve completed an appraisal, it’s even easier to compare the car to other vehicles in the market and understand pricing position with key metrics and insights.

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