Automate Promote purchasing to save time and spend within budget

Introducing Promote Automation: Get the best results from your Promote investment.

Promote is the best way to expose your stock to more in-market buyers on Australia’s #1 for cars. Dealers using Promote upgrades can receive up to 4.7x more views and up to 2.1x more enquiries per week*.

You can now set and forget your Promote purchasing with our new Automation tool, which uses real-time carsales market intelligence to automatically purchase Promote upgrades on the right stock, to help you get the best results from your investment.

During our BETA program, dealers reported saving up to 16 hours per month – time that used to be spent buying Promote manually.

By eliminating the need for time-consuming research and gut feel decisions you can have the confidence that every automated Promote purchase is data-backed and follows best-practice strategy. You also have the ability to set your monthly budget so you can control your costs.

You can choose your own settings, or let Promote Automation do it for you.

Put Promote Automation to work for you now: 

1. Access AutoGate

2. In the side menu, click Promote and Promote Optimiser

3. Click Promote Automation Configurator to the right of screen

4. Set your budget and strategy and free up your time for other tasks

For more information about Promote Automation, contact your Performance Manager.

*Source: carsales internal data, March-December 2017.  Average performance uplift measured on used stock listings that were upgraded with promote products vs those that weren’t, across all makes and price points.