5 tips for photos and video to capture more buyer attention

Eye-catching visuals are key to capturing the attention of buyers across your website, social media and listings on carsales.

Engage your customers across your website and social media with a Dealer Branded video

Eye-catching visuals are key to capturing the attention of buyers across your website, social media and listings on carsales. In the Facebook and Instagram-influenced digital age that we live in, it's beautiful photos and videos that we’re trained to look for, catch our eye and spark our curiosity to investigate further and click through.

Here are a few tips to help lift the quality of your photos and increase views on your stock items listed online.

1) Lighting - Avoid direct sunlight

When taking photos outside, best results are achieved when the car is parked out of direct sunlight.

Direct sunlight can create too much contrast for the camera and your shots will either be too dark with bright highlights or too bright with no detail in the shadows.

Good results can be achieved by taking your shots on overcast days where the entire stock item is bathed in consistent light, or by shooting in an area of shade.

2) Location, location, location

A suitable location is essential to create informative, transparent and engaging visuals. The location can help tell a compelling story and better complement your comments. Think light cars pictured in the city, a prestige sedan pictured outside a fancy hotel, a dirt bike on a beaten track or a caravan in a beautiful country location or park.

A good starting point, however, is to nail down a series of basic shots in an area with a clean background. Avoid places where other cars, light poles, bins, graffiti and objects are part of the photo background. Not only do objects in the background distract the buyer from focusing on your stock item, but they can also obscure your stock item’s lines and details, and even reflect in the paintwork.

3) Right angles and wrong angles

Although creativity can be an attention-grabbing point of difference, first ensure that you cover the basics in order to provide enough transparent visual information to win buyer trust.

It’s recommended that you have the following photos of your stock item as a very minimum:


  •  ¾ Front
  •  ¾ Rear
  •  Side Shot
  •  Interior - Front Dash
  •  Interior - Rear

For different perspectives for buyers, try to take your photos from a number of heights, including birds eye shots, headlight shots and lastly from a normal standing position. But remember; buyers want to see what the stock item looks like – clearly and easily - not your impressive photography and Photoshop skills.

Interesting and intricate details – such as interior trim, alloy wheels, steering wheel buttons, infotainment screens – are not always obvious in widescreen shots and are worthy of their own individual photos.

If your stock item optioned with a sunroof, bigger wheels, rear spoiler, Xenon headlamps, Sat Nav and other upgrades mentioned in the comments, ensure that you provide visual evidence!

In general, buyers will always appreciate more, good quality photos of a stock item. Extra photos adds additional transparency, eliminates more doubt and helps drive enquiry. So don’t be shy – there’s no maximum number of photos that you should upload, but there is a minimum quantity you will need to build trust through transparency.

Try to zoom in or out until the stock item almost fills the screen, leaving a small area around it for balance. Whatever you do, at least one shot - the ‘main’ thumbnail photo - should show the entire stock item.

4) Save time and effort - leave it to the professionals

Using a camera properly isn’t rocket science, but does require time and patience for the most effective results. Following the four tips above will result in better quality photos that attract more attention.

Investing in professional photography, however, can help attract buyers and generate more views of your stock listings, whilst saving you time and effort to focus on other things. Best of all, these quality photos can be reused across your website, on your social media platforms and in customer exchanges over email.

Professional photography services can also product help differentiate your listings from competitors. Check out carsales Visual Media here.

5) Go Video across your website and social media channels

Go beyond photos and show off the quality of your business! A great way to engage your customers on your website and social media is to highlight your facilities, people and what sets you apart from your competitors.

carsales Visual Media now offers Video Production tackling Dealership Introduction and New Models branded with your dealership - which bring your business to life in front of online buyers.

The carsales Visual Media team are qualified professionals that use industry leading equipment to ensure a premium and professional result that can be used across your digital channels.