400km of EV range in just 15 minutes of charge time?

Australian start-up Chargefox has successfully raised $15 million to establish a network of fast-chargers around the country.

Electric vehicle owners in Australia will soon have access to a network of EV fast-chargers that will enable up to 400km of range in just 15 minutes.

Australian start-up Chargefox has successfully raised $15 million to establish a network of fast-chargers around the country, powered exclusively by renewable energy.

The company, co-founded by JetCharge, says it will roll out the stations at 21 locations initially, headed by sites in Euroa and Barnawartha North, in Victoria.

The stations are billed as “the world’s first solar and battery storage 350kW charging stations”.

“These ultra-rapid charging stations will be open to all EVs and charging time will be quicker, with up to 400km of range delivered in 15 minutes,” the company says.

“The chargers will be capable of a power output of at least 150kW and up to 350kW, which will be the fastest of any charger currently available in Australia.”

Much like the current Tesla charging network, Chargefox has flagged plans to locate its stations along Australia’s major arterial roads and highways. Chargefox sites will be accessible by all major EV makes, however, including Tesla.

Coverage for major cities

Chargefox chief executive Marty Andrews touted plans to have stations connecting Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, along with sites in Western Australia.

Eighteen of the sites will be located no more than 200km apart, and are expected to be operational by early 2020. The other three will be based in WA.

“Chargefox is committed to sustainable mobility. Our network of ultra-rapid charging stations will play a significant part in improving the infrastructure of this country and remove one of the major barriers that limits the adoption of EVs,” Andrews said.

“The charging stations will enable all modern EV drivers to confidently drive between Australia’s major cities.

“Chargefox has a vision that one day 100 per cent of road transport will be powered by renewable energy and from day one our ultra-rapid chargers will be accessible to all Australian drivers.”

The Chargefox announcement comes in light of a $15 million investment by Australia’s major motoring clubs, Wilson Transformers and founder of Carsales, Greg Roebuck, who is also the chairperson for the company. The Victorian Government and Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) issued grants towards the project.