4 ways to improve efficiency and profitability with a mobile car appraiser

Discover how to optimise your trade-ins and appraisals through a measurable mobile process that runs via tablet and app.

Are you looking to further improve the efficiency and profitability of your sell process?

A great place to start is to optimise your trade-ins and appraisals with a mobile car appraiser.

Leading Australian and global dealers have already advanced their appraisal process from inefficient and unmeasurable carbon copy appraisal pads, to an intuitive, customer-friendly and measurable mobile process that runs via tablet and app.

Here four key benefits of using a mobile car appraiser:

1. Increase customer trust through transparency
Sometimes a customer may enter your dealership with a preconceived dollar figure of what they think their vehicle is worth.  A mobile car appraiser empowers you to engage vehicle owners in a transparent and personalised process and deliver them a professional report - facilitating their understanding of how you arrive at a realistic, market-driven trade-in price and their acceptance of this valuation.

2. Save time through a faster and more accurate process
A mobile car appraiser empowers you to speed up the appraisal process and increase your efficiency. Leading appraisal systems enable staff to auto-fill key vehicle data by adding in a vehicle registration number or VIN, which ensures a more accurate result. For the customer, this delivers a more satisfactory experience that can flow on to other areas of your business and enhance customer retention.

3. Increase margins and profitability
With trade-ins often cheaper to purchase than stock at auctions, increasing the volume trade-ins will help you realise stronger sales margins and lift your profitability.

4. Ensure accountability and track your conversion
Not only does a mobile process ensure greater staff accountability and consistency across all aspects of an appraisal, it also enables you to gain understanding of your trade-in conversion and track this metric for future performance improvement. A mobile car appraiser also ensures that all appraisals are recorded and accessible - anytime and anywhere.

Coming Soon: LiveMarket integration with Appraisal Solutions

Appraisal Solutions is a leading provider of mobile car appraiser technology in Australia, meeting the needs of dealers across the country.

Appraisal Solutions’ mobile car appraiser will soon feature integration to real-time data from actionable marketing intelligence system LiveMarket, enabling more accurate pricing of the vehicle.

Look out for this exciting development and more information in Q1 2019!

For more information on what a mobile appraisal system can do for your business, contact Appraisal Solution here.