5.2x more views on your stock: Promote Automation proves its smarts

Get more buyer views for your spend with Promote Automation.

The results are in: Promote Automation is the most effective way to get more buyer eyes on your stock published on carsales – Australia’s #1 for cars.

Stock with Promote upgrades automatically purchased by Promote Automation received an average of 5.2x more views than unpromoted stock on carsales.

Stock with manually purchased Promote upgrades received an average of 4.6x more views than unpromoted stock carsales.

Why is Promote Automation so effective?

It’s simple: Promote Automation uses real-time carsales market intelligence to automatically purchase Promote upgrades for you on new and aged stock, helping you get more buyer views for your spend.

With Promote Automation, you can have the confidence that every Promote purchase is data-backed, aligns with your strategy and is within your set budget – saving you research time and eliminating gut-feel decision making.

What’s more, Promote Automation creates a daily spend target to ensure that your Promote budget is spent evenly over the course of the month.

During our BETA program, one dealer reported saving up to 16 hours per month that used to be spent buying Promote manually.

So spend less time behind the desk and more time closing sales with Promote Automation.

How do I get started with Promote Automation?

 Access AutoGate

2. In the side menu, click Promote and Promote Optimiser

3. Click Promote Automation Configurator to the right of screen

4. Set your budget and strategy

5. All done! Promote Automation is doing the hard work for you

Source: carsales internal data, January 2018 – June 2019.  Promote Uplift calculated on all dealer stock promoted during 2018. Uplift from Promote Automation calculated from all stock promoted by Promote Automation (n = 245) since its release (Jul 2018 – Jun 2019).