Latest AutoGate Mobile App Enhancement: Test Drive

Efficiently manage customer test drives through the AutoGate app. 

In the latest enhancement to the AutoGate Mobile App, you can now manage customer test drives within the app.

Using highly refined image recognition technology, the app enables you to capture a customer’s license before they go for their test drive, ensuring accurate data collection and greater efficiency. 

Discover to set up a test drive within the AutoGate app - CLICK HERE.

The Test Drive function seamlessly integrates with Prospect and Inventory management functionality, meaning you can spend less time entering data and more time engaging the customer.

Test Drive is currently supported by iPhone only. iPad support and Android will be available soon.

Get started

AutoGate Pro users should contact their Digital Account Manager to access Test Drive for free as of August 1, 2019. 

If you are not an AutoGate Pro user but would like access to Test Drive, contact your Digital Account Manager.