Dealer increases view to enquiry conversion by 19% with Video

Australians are consuming more video online than ever before and it’s increasingly influential in their car buying journey.

Australians are consuming more video online than ever before and it’s increasingly influential in their car buying journey.*

Now, in an exciting new development, carsales empowers dealers to take advantage of this shift in digital consumer behaviour to drive increased views on their listings and increase qualified enquiries.

In an Australian automotive classifieds first, dealers can now generate and publish video to their carsales listings directly via the AutoGate Mobile App, bringing to life key selling points such as exterior and interior features, sounds and condition.

Video increases buyer interest

“Video is the most exciting user experience enhancement to come to in years. Video gives dealers a new way to connect with buyers and brings to life a vehicle's unique selling points, such as safety, technology, option packs and accessories. Our goal is to give dealers another way to turn buyer interest into action" says Craig Hynes, Dealer Services Director at carsales.

When surveyed on, Australian car buyers gave video a big thumbs up:

- 49% of respondents agree that a car listing with video is more informative*

- 38% of respondents agree that a car listing with a video would make them more likely to enquire on that vehicle*

“For car buyers, video empowers them to better ascertain the condition of a vehicle and its features, and as a consequence, make a more confident enquiry decision,” continued Hynes.

“Video is already having a big impact on enquiry. A dealer in the pilot program increased their view to enquiry conversion by as much as 19%*,” he added.

Creating engaging video

The most important thing in creating engaging video is to show off features of the car that you cannot in a photo, says Jess Beatson, National Manager of Visual Media at carsales.

"These include simple clips with the engine running sounds, electric sunroofs, power seating or connecting an iPhone via Bluetooth. Cars with fitted options like driver assistance or aftermarket accessories like electric hardcovers on utes, 4x4 winches or performance tuning get great engagement from buyers."

“Recording video via smartphone and uploading via the AutoGate Mobile App is a great way to ensure a quality result – quickly and simply. When recording, it’s important to keep the smartphone as steady as possible."

Ms. Beatson says it’s also important to get the basics right.

“There are three things to consider before you start recording: Firstly, it’s critical that the interior and exterior of the vehicle is clean. Secondly, make sure that the location of your video is devoid of distractions and that there is plenty of light coming through. Thirdly, ensure that the car radio is off and that there is no music playing in the background of the video, as that may constitute a copyright violation.”

How to get started with video

Dealers that have a currently active subscription to the below products now have complimentary accesses to video:

  • Top Deals Unlimited
  • Promote Automation**
  • Visual Media
  • New Car Subscription - Assured and Amplify packages

Dealers without one of these packages should contact their Digital Account Manager to get started.

“Video is part of our dedication to providing the most frictionless and engaging car buying experience possible. We look forward to this enhancement driving even better business outcomes for our dealers,” concluded Hynes.



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**Dealers with a current active subscription to Promote Automation spending greater than $1000