AutoGate latest enhancement: Prospect Allocation

Discover how Prospect Allocation can help you manage your prospects more efficiently.

Prospect Allocation - the latest feature enhancement to AutoGate - is designed to make your day to day simpler and increase your efficiency.

Prospect Allocation empowers you to set up your own rules and automate how prospects are distributed amongst your sales team.

The full suite of Prospect Allocation capabilities is now available to AutoGate Pro users. AutoGate users will get access to some of its capabilities.

For a detailed explanation of what Prospect Allocation can do take a look below. If you have any queries, please contact your Digital Account Manager.

Allocation Rules, Rotation Handling & Reallocation - Available to AutoGate Pro users only

Allocation Rules will provide you greater operational efficiency and deliver improved customer service

What can Allocation Rules do?

You can create rules for allocating prospects in different scenarios. These scenarios include;

  • Business Hours
  • Make
  • Day of week
  • Interstate
  • Price

With more rule scenarios to be added in the future.

If you have multiple rules running you can prioritise the order of the rules to ensure the highest levels of efficiency.

Rotation Handling allows you to reward high performing staff and keep your dealership driving towards greater sales targets.  

What can Rotation Handling do?

By configuring the allocation engine to reward high performing salespeople, the tool will identify which salesperson has the least unactioned prospects and prioritise prospects to salespeople who are actively engaging with prospects and closing deals.

Reallocation helps you ensure no prospect slips through the cracks and minimizes lost sales opportunities.

What can Reallocation do?

Switch on Reallocation and a prospect will be reallocated to another salesperson if they have not been engaged with within 20 minutes (during business hours).

All these enhanced features are a great step towards growing continued success at your dealership.

Duplicate Handling - Available to all AutoGate users

Duplicate Handling will help increase your sales team’s efficiency and avoid multiple salespeople contacting the same buyer

The duplicate handling feature will improve the customer experience with your dealership, as any prospect who enquires on multiple inventory items will be allocated to the same sales members (if the original lead in the last 14 days is still active).


This feature is designed to help your dealership continue to deliver strong results with a lot more ease, but if you have any further queries or would like to upgrade to AutoGate Pro please contact your Digital Account Manager. 

You can also take a look at our FAQs for Prospect Allocation.