Seller Badges | What are they and how do they work?

Find out everything you need to know about Seller Badges and how they can help your inventory onsite.

What are seller badges?

Seller badges are visual tags that you can attach to your listing to promote additional capabilities and services offered.

This new feature is completely free during the COVID-19 period as part of the continued additional support Ltd is offering to its dealer partners. When a consumer clicked on one of these badges a pop-up window will appear explaining each service in more depth.

What are its benefits?

Seller badges help in a number of ways, when it comes to promoting your listings.

  • Influence a potential buyers decision to place an enquiry by increasing the visibility of services, capabilities and even sanitisation policies 
  • Indicate the solutions you have for buyers to engage with your dealership digitally in a time where movement is restricted. Highlight your ability to offer helpful services such as the ability to deliver the car, offer phone deposits and/or conduct video tours, aiding in purchasing a car sight unseen.
  • Let consumers know when you are open and when they can expect to hear from you. With various retail businesses closed or changing up their business hours. Let customers know you are still open for business.

How to apply badges?

Badge management can be accessed through the Portal and can be switched on and off. Note – you must have ‘user management’ permission to access the toggles.

To access the badges management section and select which badges you would like to apply to your inventory please log into your dealer portal and head to the Update Dealership section under User settings.

From here select the Services section from the Navigation menu and you will see Badges and toggles for each.

Please note: it will take between 5-15 mins to update on your listings and if you have multiple accounts you must apply these across each individually. It can take a few days for iOS and Android app to be updated. Dealers are encouraged to download the latest version of app, to be able to test this new functionality.

Here is a list of the badges and what each means below: