How Dealers Using Listing Depth Perform Compared to Those Who Don't

We analyse the performance of dealerships using Listing Depth to find out if these boosts actually impact key sales metrics

At carsales we talk a lot about how effective our suite of Listing Depth products are as an advertising tool. Not only do they give you the flexibility to increase the size of your ad and where it appears on site, but you can buy as much or as little as you like.

However, these are merely cosmetic features of these boosts. We dove into the data to explore how dealerships who use Listing Depth performed in comparison to those who didn't use it in June 2016. 

We examined dealerships who used used a combination of Ultimate Boost, Top Spot, Showcase and Top Deals as a part of their advertising strategy on in June and compared their dealership performance against those dealerships didn't any of those products.

The results were interesting to say the least.

More Views

Dealerships using the full suite of Listing Depth products had their stock viewed by's 1.9 million monthly visitors 4 times more than dealers who weren't using Listing Depth.

It's a testament to the the power of these products that in using them, you're capable of reaching 4 times as many people as you normally would be if you settled for standard advertising on

In the end, the more people who cast an eye over your stock, the more chance you have to sell. As long as your photos, comments and of course the stock itself is up to scratch, then you should have no issue in getting carsales consumers to continue down the sales funnel and enquiring on your stock.

More Leads

Getting views is one thing, but getting people to move past simply looking at your inventory is another matter completely. So many more factors come in to play to actually get people to click on that enquire button.

Listing Depth delayers however, received 2.2 times more leads than those who didn't utilise the boosts.

More than twice the amount of prospects are sitting in the AutoGate accounts of dealers using Listing Depth. How many opportunities might you be missing by not taking advantage of these tools?

More Sales

We classify a sale when cars are taken offline and do not reappear. It's a fair assumption that once this happens, the car has been sold. 

Dealerships using Listing Depth sold 2.8 more cars than dealerships who didn't. We repeat, dealerships using Listing Depth sold 2.8 more cars than dealerships who didn't.

The smart dealers who are taking advantage of these tools are seeing the results. Are you missing out?

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