Keep your finger on the pulse with LiveMarket

Increasing profits out of buying and selling used vehicles is becoming more and more difficult. Many dealers, either have, or are looking at how they change their business models to tackle reduced margins in an increasingly competitive market. Not knowing what the market is doing puts you at a distinct disadvantage over your competition. Having your stock in market being as competitive as it can be is key.

LiveMarket allows you to understand the market conditions for each vehicle you have already stocked or intend to trade in. LiveMarket provides the most comprehensive view of real-time market data for used vehicles available in Australia. Using the suite of online tools, you’ll be able to complete a comprehensive market analysis quickly and accurately. Instantly see how your vehicles compare to market averages for price, kilometres and age. View the current market position of vehicles in your stock. Optimise your prices, review market percentage or price rank your stock to view the effects of changes against all competing vehicles.

Key market data allows you to manage the flow of stock in and out of your business by making swift and accurate pricing decisions. When you have the right market intelligence you can manage your stock effectively to maximise profit and improve your stock turn. By responding quickly to your competition online you’ll have the advantage.