Differentiate your business from your competitors and promote your local PMA

New Car Locator is the latest offering in a growing arsenal of tools made specifically for new car dealers.

Now available, it is self-serve and as you need it - You can activate it with just a couple of clicks from AutoGate's Promote page.

The Savvy Consumer

Consumers are utilising the internet like never before, arming themselves with all the facts before setting foot in a dealership.

Let them know who you are instantly and be part of their first consideration process.

Confidence in Your Brand

We know you have worked to build your dealership's standing in the industry. This is why we are introducing this solution, so you can introduce new customers to your reputation.

The Business Solution

This new tool will enable you to deliver better qualified leads, while providing greater transparency for the consumer. For the first time, buyers will see your dealership's details when searching for new cars.