Make the car-buying journey
even easier for people on the go
with SMS Auto Response

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Instantly respond to your customer's enquiries and maximise your sales

How SMS Auto Response Works

Customers can submit an enquiry on your stock from their mobile.

They then instantly receive an SMS with a link to view a page with your dealership's contact details.

On this page, customers can view your other available New and Used inventory.

Pay by Subscription

All SMS charges are included on your monthly fee, no matter how many customers use the service.

Plus, enjoy the benefits of Dealer Directory Premium

As a part of your subscription to SMS Auto Response, you will also be able to enjoy all the benefits
of Dealer Directory Premium, placing your dealership under consumer's noses.

The Carsales Dealer Directory provides buyers a place where they can search for dealerships by filtering location, makes sold by the dealership and services offered.

In addition to a standard listing on this page, you will also enjoy:

  • Featured branded listing in Dealer Directory results page
    • Two images
    • Dealer logo and slogan
    • Detailed department information
  • Dedicated Dealership details page
    • Image gallery
    • Detailed department information
    • Interactive map
    • Social media links (to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube)
    • SEO optimisation via back-link to your website
  • Post-enquiry pop up advert for Carsales Members
  • Department and service information searchable in Carsales Homepage
  • Post-enquiry pop up adver in the Carsales Members' membership account

Put your inventory in your customers' pockets